What will you cover in your workshops?

Great question. First, know that ALL of our curriculum is developmentally-appropriate and meets the National Sexuality Education Standards. Know, too, that our workshops use a scaffolding technique to build knowledge, skills, and confidence over time. Topics selected reflect both student interest and the well-researched findings of evidence-based comprehensive sex ed programs. 

You can expect the following topics to be covered:

  • Respect & Acceptance 

  • Gender Roles, Identity, & Expression

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Communication, Consent, Boundaries, & Safety

  • Media Literacy

  • Body Image

  • Puberty 

  • Reproduction

  • Sex Beyond Baby-Making

  • Sexual Identity

  • LGBTQ awareness


Can't I just talk about this stuff at home?

Of course! And we hope you do. Our classes are not meant to replace the essential conversations you have with your own children, but to enhance and inspire them.

Isn't the sex ed my child gets (or will get) at school enough? 

In a word, no. If you've explored  the sex ed curriculum your child's school currently offers, good for you! If not, you might be surprised to find most of what's out there is outdated, incomplete, and - at times - even inaccurate. Most alarmingly, it fails to address the realities of today's changing world. Our kids deserve better.

How do I know my child is ready for THE TALK?

This is a big one.

First, finding the "right time" is not an exact science. We do know, however, that the earlier we start talking openly with our children, the better. 


Attempting to condense the emotional and physical complexity of human sexuality into a single conversation is an impossible task. And yet, that's still commonly how many of us, and many of our schools, handle this topic with our children.


What would the future look like for our kids if we approached this nuanced topic, instead, as an ongoing conversation? What if we traded shame and fear for knowledge and empowerment?

All that being said, THE TALK's classes may not be the right fit for YOUR child. If you're not sure, have concerns, or would like to know more, reach out!