The Talk's workshops for youth are collaborative, highly interactive, and intimate, allowing participants to bond intensely and forge meaningful relationships that extend far beyond the borders of class. Though it is always preferable to meet in-person, when possible, The Talk is also offering classes online, via Zoom.  

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for youth

Growing up has never been easy, but in today's world, it's harder than ever. Dynamic and engaging, The Talk's classes empower young people with knowledge, relationship-related social-emotional skills, confidence, and invaluable connections with their peers.

Our progressive and inclusive curriculum embraces a broader understanding of sexuality education - pushing past the basics of traditional sex ed to reflect the realities of our

ever-changing world. 


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private CLASSES

for parents

Some hallmarks of adolescence remain unchanged: first loves, first heartbreaks, friendship struggles, independence-seeking, and classic angst. But we are also confronting new issues, like sexting, social media (and its profound impact on self-worth, anxiety, and depression), gender diversity, sexual fluidity, the ubiquity of porn, and more. 


In The Talk’s Parent Workshop Series, Rachel will provide insights on the range of  issues confronting parents and youth, concrete talking tips and tools, a wealth of resources, and, above all, a safe and candid space for parents to share concerns and get individualized support. 


* Workshops are weekly (via Zoom), one hour in length, run for either 4 or 6 weeks, and are fully customizable. 

FOR Schools


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The Talk's workshops for students grades 4-5, 6-8,

and 9-12 are fully customizable.

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While many of us want to begin conversations with our children about sexuality, we aren't sure what to say, how to say it, or when to begin. The Talk provides attendees with guidance on all of the above, plus actionable tools, strong evidence to support their efficacy, and a space to share concerns and get answers. 

This  talk also examines the history we bring, as adults, to these discussions with our children. Why? Because the relationship we have with sex and sexuality- our own and generally - is a huge piece of preparing for and fostering open, honest dialogue with our kids. When we reconnect with our young selves through the lens of adulthood, we understand in a powerful way how our early experiences shape our current attitudes about sex, bodies, gender, sexuality in children, and how to talk about it all.