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Founder and director Rachel Lotus is a Brooklyn-based educator, speaker, and consultant who has always found her way to the most honest conversation in the room. 

Her love for educating diverse populations flourished early and often: she was an advocate for differently abled students in undergrad, taught ESL to international students at home and abroad, and eventually found her way to the NYC public school system and earned her Master's in Education through the New York City Teaching Fellowship. 

While teaching middle and high schoolers, Rachel witnessed firsthand the desperate need for better sex ed. THE TALK was born. 


In addition to speaking frankly about gender and sex/uality to students, educators, and parents, Rachel also talks often and openly with her own three children, who - like all children - have lots of questions.


To help youth and their families talk openly and comfortably about bodies, gender, sexuality, and relationships through a thoughtfully designed, progressive curriculum.  When we empower kids with knowledge, confidence, and safe practices, they become whole, healthy adults.