Founder and director Rachel Lotus is a Brooklyn-based educator, writer, and mother of three who has always found her way to the most honest conversation in the room. Passionate, outspoken, and real - particularly on subjects of gender, sexuality, and identity - she brings to all of her roles a willingness to “go there”. 

Her love for educating diverse populations flourished early and often: she was an advocate for differently abled students in undergrad, taught ESL to international students at home and abroad, and eventually found her way to the NYC public school system and earned her Master's in Education through the New York City Teaching Fellowship. There, in addition to her work inside the classroom, she also facilitated after school sex ed discussion groups where students traded shame, confusion, and fear for pride, knowledge, and safety. 

The popularity of these gatherings confirmed what Rachel had long believed: young people were hungry for access to reliable, non-judgmental sex ed from a trusted adult AND for an opportunity to share experiences and concerns with their peers in a respectful environment. Rachel also volunteers as a writing coach to patients in Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Visible Ink program, where, as a former patient and participant, her pieces on cancer, motherhood, and beyond were published and performed. 


To help youth and their families talk openly and comfortably about bodies, gender, sexuality, and relationships through a thoughtfully designed, progressive curriculum.  When we empower kids with knowledge, confidence, and safe practices, they become whole, healthy adults. 

Birth Day Presence

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